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The Isle of Lismore - The 'land of picts and vikings, castles, crofts, and ceilidhs' lies in Loch Linnhe on the west coast of Scotland, where generations of the family have lived and the late Johnny MacFadyen started an oyster farm over 30-years ago. ⁣

His daughter Mairi has now launched Oystercroft - a business to help support the local oyster industry and spread the love for oysters, starting with Sláinte Sauces - 'slan-cha' bringing the celebration to your table with cocktail inspired drizzles.
Project - What the Shell!
10% profit on all our Oystercroft merchandise will be going to purchasing native oysters to place around our shores starting with Lismore.
Each oyster filters between 100-200 litres of water every day acting like the lungs of the ocean removing many impurities.    As natural oyster beds grow they provide an infrastructure allowing the creation of communities and increased biodiversity on the sea floor.
This is our first year and as we reach targets we will do a celebratory post.
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Thank you for giving a Shell!

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 Why Sláinte Sauces? 

For children growing up on a Scottish island, life can certainly be idyllic. However, as teenage years approach, there's nothing more attractive than the fast pace of city life. ⁣

The draw of the city took hold of me for more than 20-years, before the longing of home and the islands began and I returned with my Aussie husband, Geoff - a welder, artist, and soon-to-be oyster farmer. ⁣

Now back living on Lismore, we began to take oysters to the farmers markets and while lots of folk loved them, there was many that wouldn't even try them. ⁣

So I offered the oysters with a splash of gin or tequila...And very soon we had a queue. ⁣

What we needed was a gin/tequila sauce, for the next two years, I started to develop a range of cocktail inspired drizzled. These were going to be very versatile, not for just for oysters, but for burgers, salmon, chicken, salads, and even desserts - and this is how the Sláinte Sauces were created. ⁣